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About Us

Bursev Plastic is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic house-ware and kitchen-ware, based in Istanbul for 40 years. Bursev Plastik has offered distinctive concepts through its modern, simple and original designs. In 2012, Bursev Plastic incorporated the brand "follow me"

Our company carries out its production activities in our own plant with our skilled personnel and state- of-the-art technology. We diversified our products in 10 category and all our items present in our stock consistently. It is making our shipping process easier to load the shipments on time.

Since the establishing of our company , we have been exporting our products all around the world and it is developing everyday more and more . Currently ,  we have around 95 countries that we have worked without any pause.

Our categories diversified as ;


2- Kitchenware

3-Trash bins   



6-  Houseware



9- Baby & Kid           

10-Copper Series

Major advantages of Bursev Plastic ;

wide collection     

• customer oriented service   

• high quality products     

• competitive prices                              

timely manner of production   

• shipping process.